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Step 1: Access your account

First, you have to access your ConnectionSphere account.

Step 2: Access the emails service

At ConnectionSphere we have many services that you can work with.

The Emails service is where you can access our free emails outreach service, where you can connect your Gmail account and manage it as an email marketing platform (clever... huh?).

Note: At version 1.0.8, only Gmail is supported. We are working to add support for more email providers in the near future.

To access the Emails program, follow these steps:

Step 1: The on the drop-down menu in the top-left corner, to see the full list of available services.

Step 2: Click on the Emails service there.


Step 3: Find your Lists

To find your list of leads, just find the lists icon in the left bar, and click on it.



If you signed up for the beta-testing of version 1.0.8 of ConnectionSphere, you will find that a demo list has been created in your account.

Such a list has one, and only one lead: Me! Leandro. The product owner of ConnectionSphere.

So, in this seminar, you will learn how to

  1. set up a new demo campaign and run it;
  2. how to wait for a response in the inboxes.


If you have not any list, you can create one by following the steps in this tutorial: Creating lists of leads

Step 4: Create a new campaign

To create a new campaign, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Find the Campaigns icon in the left bar, and click on it. Or well, go to this URL: {CAMPAIGN_URL}/emails/campaigns.

Step 2: Write name. subject, and body for your campaign. Choose the export list also.

Step 3: Click on the Create button.


Note: If you are running campaigns from many addresses, you may want to use the reply-to field to receive any replies in one inbox.

Even if that is a valid strategy, we recommend to don't using it in order to keep your outreach as natural as possible.

To resolve the mess of handling many accounts, we developed the inboxes screen, where all your addresses are mapped, and where you can send an email from any of your addresses. Such a screen will be introduced later in this seminar.

Step 5: Using merge tags

To highly customize your campaigns, you can use merge tags on both: the subject and the body.

The merge tags you can use are listed below:

  • {first-name}
  • {company-name}
  • {last-name}
  • {location}
  • {industry}
  • {email-address}
  • {phone-number}
  • {linkedin-url}


Hello {first-name}. I can see you are the owner of {company-name}. Am I right?

Not all the leads in your list will have appended all the information.

For this kind of situations, you can define fallback values.


Hello {first-name|there!}. I can see you are the owner of {company-name|your own busines}. Am I right?

Step 6: Send the Campaign

Once you have created your campaign by following the steps in the 2 previous sections, you are ready to send it.

Step 1: Click on the Send Test Email to Me button to receive a test email. Open such a test email and verify if merge tags have been applied correctly.

Step 2: If the test email is good, click on the Play button to activate the campaign. The outreach will be planned and delivered. In the following sections, you will learn how to follow such processes.


Step 7: Follow the Processing of Your Campaign

After you have activated your campaign, you can follow its progress in the activity screen.

Such a screen shows

  1. the emails that are in the queue, and waiting to be delivered;
  2. the emails that have been delivered,
  3. the emails opened by the recipient,
  4. the clicks,
  5. the responses, and
  6. the unsubscribed.

To access such an activity screen, just find the icon in the left bar and click on it.



  1. Gmail addresses are configured to deliver no more than 50 emails per day.

  2. If the list in your campaign has more than the max daily quota of your Gmail account, the outreach of your campaign will be distributed over several days.

  3. Another solution is to add more Gmail accounts to your ConnectionSphere account. Refer to this article about how to add more Gmail accounts: Adding Addresses.

  4. Increasing the daily quota of your Gmail is not a good practice.

Step 8: Find Stats

In the campaigns screen, you can find a summarized report of the activity of your campaigns.

Just find the campaigns icon in the left bar, and click on it.


Step 9: Handle responses

As it was explained before, ConnectionSphere maps all the responses to your campaigns into our database.

This way,

  1. you can handle many Gmail accounts on one single screen; and

  2. you can also reply from any of your Gmail accounts from one single screen too.

To access the responses screen, just find the inboxes icon in the left bar, and then click on it.


Step z: Keep learning

After you have configure your campaign, I strongly recommend you read this other article about adding more Gmail addresses