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01. Abstract

Sites like Google, Outlook, Yahoo, and social sites like Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter can detect if you are creating many accounts from the same computer.

They do that by 2 main techniques:

  1. Tracking your IP address: You can see your find your IP address on sites like this.

  2. Tracking your Browser Fingerprint: You can see your browser fingerprint on sites like this.

Some websites may use some more advanced tracking, like keyboard biometrics. You can test such a fingerprint on sites like this.

Most of the websites look at the reputation of your IP, and how warmed your browser too.

This seminar is a step-by-step guide to resolving all these problems.

When to Follow this Seminar?

Based on our experience, email providers like Gmail are very permissive about creating up to 5-7 Google accounts from the same IP, with no issues. Social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are much more restrictive.

You should apply this seminar if you are planning to scale outside these boundaries.

02. Getting Proxies

A proxy is a service to replace your IP address with the IP address of someone else.

There are 2 main kinds of proxies in the market:

  • Datacenter proxies: Cheap. Poor reputation.

  • Mobile Proxies: A bit more expensive. Better reputation. Recommended.

What is the difference?

A mobile proxy grants you access to the IP assigned to a mobile device. A datacenter proxy grants you access to the IP assigned to a company.

Some factors make mobile proxies better.

  • They are not easy to buy in bulk. So, it is not that cheap to perform large proxy operations with mobiles. So, they have a better reputation.

  • They are not always stuck to the same mobile device. Mobile carriers have a large pool of IPs that are not usually enough for all their customers. In consequence, mobile carriers use to reassign IPs to their customers when they need one. In consequence, it is hard for sites to blacklist mobile IPs for the long term as they do with datacenter IPs.

Where to Find a Good Proxy Provider?

If you are looking for a good provider of mobile proxies, we recommend to contact us at, and we'll get the best deal in the market for you.

03. Getting Browsers

The most effective way to run many different browsers with different fingerprints is by paying for a stealth browser software.

Such a kind of software is a dashboard where you can create different browser profiles.

There are many products out there.

We have tested 2 and both are working very well:


  • It is the market-lead product so far. It is expensive too.
  • We ran thousands of accounts for years using Multilogin, and we achieved an acceptable level of stability.
  • Its dashboard has some glitches, but the fingerprint masking is so professional.
  • Their customer support is high too.
  • It has a great feature for masking the keyboard biometrics.
  • It has a great feature for automating the browser warming that we'll discuss in a further section.


  • It is cheaper.
  • We never ran it at a large scale yet, so we do have not the same proof as Mutilogin yet.
  • Its dashboard is very stable. Zero glitches found so far.
  • Their customer support is unresponsive.
  • It has not any feature for masking the keyboard biometrics.
  • It has not any feature for automating the browser warming.

Some Pieces of Advice

  • Even when the stealth browser software masks the fingerprints, such fingerprints will change if you run it on different computers. So, find a computer from where you will run your operation, and never change it.

  • Learn and follow the #1 rule of accounts farming. The #1 rule is: "blend in the crowd". That means, your browser fingerprints and all your activities must look natural. Social sites like Facebook advanced machine learning to find uncommon and suspicious parameters in your browser, your IP, and even your activity.

  • Following the rule mentioned above, keep your stealth browser software always updated to the last version, Most popular browsers like Chrome or Firefox update to their last version automatically, by default, without asking the user. So, be sure that your stealth browser software always do the same.

04. Warming Browsers

Following the #1 rule of accounts farming ("blend in the crowd"), your browser must have a history of visiting other websites.

Sites like Google or Facebook can track your visit to websites where they have installed their tracking pixel.

For example, when the Facebook like button or share button is placed on any website, Facebook can track your browser and trace your activity along many different websites too.

That is the same technology that Facebook uses to build profiling all its users for more accurate targeting in their advertising service. It is nice-smart.

The bad news is that sites may use such a tracing to dects if your browser has never visited any other site. And raise a red flag if that is the case.

Warming a Browser is just that.

  • Visit many sites where you know there is a pixel of the social site where you are farming.
  • Do it every day. For many sites daily.
  • Do it for 2-3 weeks before you signup for the social site where you want to farm.

Which site should you visit?

As said before, you should visit the sites where there is installed the trackng pixel of the social sites that you are farming.

For your reference,

To find some other and specific requirements, refer to