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1. Introduction

If you already read our other article Adding Addresses to your ConnectionSphere account, you have realized that you can scale your daily outreach with virtually no limit.

Even if that is true, the procedure is a bit tricky.

This seminar explains how to add thousands of Gmail accounts to your ConnectionSphere, safely.

2. Buying Aged Gmail Addresses

New (fresh) Gmail addresses may be blocked right quickly if you start sending cold emails from the first day.

The safe procedure is to:

  1. If the Gmail account is fresh (recently created), then connect your Gmail account to a free warmer like Gmass or Instantly, and keep the warming running for 2-3 months.

  2. If the Gmail account is 3 months aged or more, then connect your Gmail account to a free warmer like Gmass or Instantly, and keep it keep the warming running for 2-3 weeks.

You can buy aged Gmail accounts in some good providers like Woorke, so you can save the 3 months of waiting.

3. Warming Fingerprints

Accessing thousands of Gmail accounts from neither the same browser nor the same IP addresses is not a good practice.

Social sites can track browser fingerprints and IP addresses, and block all your accounts because of suspicious activity.

Instead, use GoLogin to create many different browser profiles.

Each browser profile must be 2 weeks aged also, and it must be warmed with cooked. Refer to this seminar to know how to do such a work: (this seminar is pending)

Once created, you GoLogin account should like the picture below.


4. Assigning Accounts to Browsers

You must to have one browser in GoLogin for each aged Gmail account you bought to providers like Woorke.

I recommend you keep a record in a google spreadsheet like the picture below, where you write the browser name in column A, and the Gmail address in column B.


5. Accessing Accounts from Browsers

Here is the full procedure for accessing each Gmail account from each GoLogin browser.

This is the procedure you can outsource to your assistant.

For each Gmail account, repeat each one of the steps below.

Step 01: Change the IP of the proxy

If you have read our other seminar about Warming GoLogin Browsers (this seminar is pending), you know each browser is linked to a mobile proxy.

It is important you reset your proxy IP before opening each browser.

Such a procedure depends on which proxy provider you are using.

Here is how it looks like in our provider's dashboard:


Step 02: Find the profile in GoLogin


Step 03: Check proxy configuration

Go to the profile settings, and double check the proxy linked to such a profile is the same you just changed the IP in the Step 01**.


Step 04: Test proxy connection

In the same settings screen, click on the Check Proxy button and verify the proxy is working fine.


Step 05: Save the profile

In the same screen, click on the Save button.

Step 06: Find profile again


Step 07: Open the browser

At the right side of the browser name, find the button Open and click on it.


Step 08: Add the aged Gmail account to the browser

In the same browser, go to the top right menu of the original Gmail account, and the click on Add another account


Step 09: Login the aged Gmail to Gwarm

Access Gwarm here:, and click on the Login button.


Then, choose the Gmail account you want to connect to Gwarm.


Step 10: Activate Gwarm process

Once logged into Gwarm with the aged Gmail account,

  1. click on the settings icon in the top right corner (it will open the left sidebar).
  2. Scroll down in the left sidebar until you find the Email Warm-Up section.
  3. Activate the Email Warm-up checkbox (it will open a popup Confirm Warm-Up)
  4. Click on the **Yes, turn it on" button.


Step 10: Close browser and popups

When closing the browser, you must be sure you closed all the popups too.

The picture below is an example of the popups opened by Gmass.


The safest way to close everything is by using the Stop button in GoLogin.