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01. Playing The Cold Emails Game

This training seminar not only shares valuable information about how to do Cold Emails work, ...

...but it provides all the resources you need to run your Cold Email Campaigns too!

That is what makes this training so awesome.

So, please read all and every one of the sections here.

Are you ready?

Probably you already know: The Email Marketing is a game of numbers.

  • How many people open your emails?

  • How many people reply?

  • How many people buy?

What numbers are acceptable in the Email Marketing world?

In school, 50 percent means you flunked.

But in the world of open rates, 50 percent lands you in the A++ range.

And if you are emailing cold leads the game becomes even more complicated.... but not impossible!

Check out the picture below.

Good Subject Lines Deliver Opens - Customized Scripts Deliver Responses

Cold Emails are a cost-effective strategy if you do it fine.

You need:

  • Proper Infrastructure to Delivery of your Email Campaigns (and don't land in the spam folders).

  • Proper Software to track key metrics.

  • Good Subject Lines to Get High Open Rates.

  • A Good Offer that Closes Sales.

and (the most important)

  • A Clean list of Leads (laser targeted, no role-based addresses, no spam traps, no bounces).

That's it.

It looks so complicated. Right?

Relax. This seminar resolves all and each one of these problems.

Keep reading.

02. What Gets You Stuck?

Before digging inside the details of every aspect of sending Cold Emails,...

...I would like to share some thoughts about why so many businesses die every year, and how to get your business to survive.

Or better: How to defeat the system, and grow predictably... Exactly how Amazon, Google, Apple, and all big companies do.

That is why You are here... right?

Would you believe me if I told you this? I not only get a 50% open rate but also...

  • I am closing new clients,

  • I am booking meetings too.

Take a look at the picture below. See how easy is to book meetings after sending no more than one hundred emails.


When you understand why so many small companies die every year, a few things start to happen.

  1. You realize that you need a constant flow of new clients, on a daily basis.

  2. You realize that you need to reduce the ROI of your sales campaigns and reinvest quickly.

  3. You realize that you need to think out-of-the-box and find selling strategies outside the traditional advertising channels.

If you signed up for our Free Leads Data program,.. already have access to the first piece of the puzzle:

A database of +300,000 B2B contacts, with emails and phone numbers.

This training (that you are reading) goes many steps further.

This seminar introduces a turnkey Cold Emails Conversion Toolkit where you can:

  • Meet new leads every single day,

  • Email them, call them, and finally...

  • Set appointments with them.

But to understand this truly, you should own the marketing model I'm about to give, though, you first need to know...

The #1 Job of Every Business Owner

03. Your #1 Job

It's simple:

If you own your own business, Your #1 job is...

  • Create offers that people really respond to

  • Create sales messages in text, audio, or video

  • Create the profitable backend of your business

These three areas of your business will determine whether you are profitable in the short and long term or not.

This seminar is about how to get results like this:

Customized Scripts Close Sales

...and like this:

Customized Scripts Book Meetings

... every day!

Not time to time. But Every day.

If you agree with this... Then, let's start.

04. Getting Started

This training seminar not only shares valuable information about how Cold Emails work, and how to do it the right way to book meetings and close sales.

This training introduces the software tools you need to run your Cold Email Campaigns in 5 minutes or less.

All the software tools introduced in this seminar have a generous free tier for our students, so you can test and tweak your strategy before starting to spend your budget.

After you have your proven email scripts, you can start scaling your plans and start making real money.

Aside from all the technical matters that you will have resolved after this seminar, your offer and scripts are key to your success.

Take a look at the picture below.

It shows how our sales scaled when we found the right script to offer our services.



  1. follow the guidelines in this seminar to get your Cold Email system working;

  2. harness the free plans to test and tweak your scripts;

  3. start scaling as soon as you find your best conversions.

05. How Do Big Players Do?

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06. Understanding the Game

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08. Verifying Databases

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09. Finding an Email Platform

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10. Warming Up Your Email Address

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12. Writing Subject Lines

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13. Writing Sales Scripts

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