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Many users are concerned about the privacy of their email marketing lists and whether ConnectionSphere stores their email addresses and the contents of email messages, and whether any of this data is shared with third parties. The information below is meant to address these concerns.

02.Overview of how ConnectionSphere works

ConnectionSphere works by transferring data to and from your Gmail account. Most of this data transfer occurs via numeric identifiers specific to Gmail and the Gmail API. In some cases, email addresses are transferred from the ConnectionSphere server back to the Gmail interface, but in a secure manner over SSL. Gmail does not allow a third party integration like ConnectionSphere to connect to account data without the use of SSL.

03.How are your email lists used?

In order to track opens, clicks, and provide unsubscribe functionality via the ConnectionSphere unsubscribe link, our database does store the email addresses to which you are sending email. This data is stored in a database, secured by two layers of firewalls, and is never shared with any third parties. ConnectionSphere is similar in this regard to well-known email marketing systems like MailChimp, where storage of email addresses is required to provide standard email marketing features.

04.Does ConnectionSphere share any of your email list information with third parties?

No. ConnectionSphere don’t sell the lists uploaded by the users.

05.Data Deletion Requests

In compliance with GDPR, any user may request that his/her data be deleted from our servers. To make such a request send an email to from the ConnectionSphere account whose data you wish to be deleted.